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We provide address value and quality, and incorporate an awareness of design aesthetics, various production options, and the effective use of energy. Our services range from concept development to fully documented lighting design, from custom fixture design to designing with only standard products. We have the resources and expertise to run complex illumination calculations, day- lighting analysis, life cycle analysis, and cost comparative studies. All this is handled by our specialist team, who;

  • Visit the site/villa for a preliminary consultation.
  • Obtain the required architectural drawings.
  • Study the plans and elevations and map out the lighting distribution.
  • Go in depth and calculate the lighting levels using the software that builds the house in 3D and places the lights accordingly.
  • Present the client with a wholesome concept image and each lighting fixture to be used.

Equally, we welcome customers to our showroom who are looking for advice to source supplies. If they require something we don’t currently have in stock, we are also happy to order or custom make those items. Success of lite n Lamps relies on a continuous search for perfection and innovation, in product as well as in manufacturing techniques, quality control and customer support.


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